Interactive Self-Care Book: First Project Journey

Finding the materials I needed from recycled boxes

I found a green little box that I could use as the base for the circuit. I made a hole for the wire designated for the ground to then stick on the bottom of the box, that would later on be the bottom of the book. 

Creating the book

I crafted the book and it turned out well. I printed images and put them all together to create a scrapbook feel, but also so it looked pleasing to the eye. I had to figure out where I should place them empty spots for the viewer to put the connecting images together. I also had a hard a time figuring out where to put the book. I thought before that it would look better inside, the book placed under the cover of the box. However, we (teacher and I) figured out that it would be better on top of the cover. And so it turned out pretty well.

Each page and its covers

I tried my best to make each cover original and carefully place each image, pictures and connecting pieces, so all would look pretty together. I used coloured paper and string that I already had at home. And overall it looks well put together and the pops of colour adds on to the overall feel and purpose of evoking a “feel-good” feel of the book.

The covers

The pages

And the pieces of which belongs to a specific page

Sounds from Scratch

Finding the right song or sound was pretty difficult concerning how there are so many choices. As well as making sure its related to the message I am trying to convey. So i had done research and were also based it off how i felt about the songs. All actually makes people smile as they are songs that are known, but also evokes a certain happiness and brings something positive.

Overview and Critique

I am quite proud of the work I’ve made. I thought that I incorporated the circuit into my project in a way that it is not too noticeable and that the book looks pretty good overall. I thought that the message of the self-care and also the purpose to bring some sort of happiness and positive feel to the viewer was clear and successful. One thing that I wish I have done was to add in more “decorations” to the titles and the pages and cover the brand name TEALYRA on the sides.

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